Meet Leon

Wait... what??? You really want to know about me? Hmmmm... I guess since you're here, I'll share a little about who I am.

Quick rundown: I'm obsessed with the beach, enjoy traveling, love to eat, and I compete at everything I do (don't try me)! Did I mention that I'm obsessed with the beach?

I wake up everyday and think of how fascinated I am with people. I'm blessed with the opportunity to document people's lives in such a way that eternally ingrains joyful moments in their minds forever. With the common denominator being love, we operate on the premise that "the love of competition keeps the heart racing!" 

I am a son, a brother, a friend, a educator, a husband, a father, and a photographer. I am blessed to have the opportunity to define life through each of these lenses. Each time I capture you, I document your happiness through these variety of perspectives.

Rules to Love

Rule #1

“Learn that you are only competing against yourself!”

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Natasha Champagne

“He learned our story, worked with our needs, and simply went above and beyond the call of duty! He became a friend and made the whole experience (bridal portraits and wedding pictures) fun and easy.”

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