Take Me Back

Let me first say that this feels weird... Asking you to take me back, feels like I cheated or did something that put our relationship in jeopardy. Even though I remained fully committed to you, I did not demonstrate that commitment with my actions. Its like telling your spouse you love them and behaving contrary to sentiments that is attached to those words. As a take a big gulp... I realize that I am guilty. My actions haven't visibly proven me to be fully committed. So AGAIN I ask you, will you take me back?

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Last year on this same day I remember writing a blog post making a commitment that I did not keep. My desire was to write at least 3-4 blogs a month filled with motivation and inspiration. Stories of life, love, and the pursuit of happiness. Well, I wrote two posts then seemingly channeled my inner Elon Musk and took a SpaceX flight to space, which explains why you didn't hear from me. Well maybe thats a little lie... but during that time, I remained committed despite perceived perspectives. During this time my family has grown with the birth of my son, I'm nearing the completion of my masters degree from NC State, and navigated so many other things amid the COVID pandemic.

After reflecting on how many other things I had to navigate, I realize that I failed because I did not realign my goals. When I did not realign my goals, it became much easier to fail because so many other things were consuming my attention. My desire never changed, but my circumstances did. This is the lesson I learned.

So what am I telling you? We are failing primarily because we set goals that we fail to monitor. We must stop setting ourselves up for failure and put checkpoints in place that allow us to revisit our progress. Listen... ITS OKAY TO ADJUST YOUR GOAL & NO THAT DOESN'T MEAN YOU FAILED. It means you are moving that much closer to obtaining the original goal that was set. So this year, lets do something together, set goals, adjust goals, and progress toward goals. The reward is not when we obtain something, the reward is the process of how we obtain it.


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