Stay in the Moment

Today's society has seemingly increased the pace of life. Often, days are a blur when juggling demands such as work, school, family, relationships, and so many other things. So with life moving so terribly fast, ensuring that moments are well spent becomes even more important. For the last couple of years, I have been blessed with the privilege of photographing the Williams family. Without fail, every time I have the chance to get them on camera I am reminded of the blessing of family and spending time together.

If you know the Williams, you know that they are down to earth and always willing to support how they can. Both Christina and Milton instill in their children the value and responsibility of love. These family core values easily are reflected in each of their children. Each of them always polite, mannerable, loving, and respectful. With this foundation being set, it always makes it easier to capture their personalities on camera. The love and joy I feel when seeing these images keeps me encouraged that people still put a precedence on teaching their children how to love. They remind me of the importance of laying a foundation, which enables you to stay in the moment later.


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